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(also known as Sertraline)
Zoloft is an orally administered antidepressant of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) type. more at Wikipedia

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Overall, 64% (19606 Members) find Zoloft helpful

Zoloft Reviews

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Actually, I use Prozac, but they're similar. It was prescribed for depression, but it helps a ton with everything. Can't make flashbacks stop or memories hurt less, but it can make having them easier.
Working / Worked
Was on this for most of my life at a high dose. Eventually it just stopped working.
Working / Worked
Ive been on Zoloft for over a year. It has been the best prescription for me and has changed my outlook on life. I used it in conjunction with regular visits to a therapist. I will continue to take this antidepressant throughout my divorce and after.
Working / Worked
This medication is one of the best!! I can guarantee that this is a good medication.
Working / Worked
Currently taking with 2 other anti-depressants. Physician monitored as needs change periodically.
Working / Worked
Zoloft is the only SSRI that has consistently worked for me with no unpleasant side effects.
Working / Worked
Working / Worked
Wonder if its created the tremors over the 20 years Ive taken it. Tried substitutes and tapering off. Just felt so sad I didnt want to live. Initially given to me for FMS not depression.
Working / Worked
Currently taking this medication nightly.
Working / Worked
I am currently taking 200mg per day (when I remember). It seems to work well for the past 3 or so years I have been taking it.
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    I took sertraline for a few months. I've been on most of the antidepressants and I would say this was one of the ones that I had least side effects wi... [More]
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    I hope that you're okay. Yes, you can have an allergic reaction to something even if you've used it for quite a while. I would also suggest getting ... [More]
  3. Discussion: Question About Zoloft (sertraline)
    See a doc now or maybe go to a pharmacist. Update us soon! [More]
  4. Discussion: Question About Zoloft (sertraline)
    It could be a reaction but it's hard to know. It's most definitely worth calling your doctor to report though. See what they have to say. :) [More]
  5. Discussion: Question About Zoloft (sertraline)
    Today was my 4th day taking a small dose of Zoloft (25 mg). About 6 or 7 hours after taking it my lips swelled a little bit and my throat began to hur... [More]