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(also known as Vitex agnus-castus)
Vitex agnus-castus — commonly called just Vitex, but also called Chaste Tree, Chasteberry, or Monk's Pepper — is a plant native to the Mediterranean region. It is believed to be an anaphrodisiac, hence the name "chaste tree", and is used as a medicinal plant by many herbalists. The parts used include the leaves, fl... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

Top 5 Communities
Condition Members Success
Polycystic Ovarian Synd...
Trying To Conceive
Infertility, Secondary
Overall, 68% (209 Members) find Vitex helpful

Vitex Reviews

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Working / Worked
Helped my uterus itself become healthy to carry a pregnancy to term
It sort of worked...but not what I needed. I do recomend it to women who want to get thier period naturally
Helped my thyroid
I take Vitex everyday. I have gotten my cycle naturally a few times with vitex.
About 6 months ago i started taking vitex. I was talking 2000mg a day. I actually had a fairly normal period for 3 months till i ran out of the med.
Working / Worked
Just started today
Worked but caused hair loss. Could not handle the hair loss so I stopped it.
I started taking Vitex last week and got my period as soon as yesterday, in which I have not seen since March 2011!
I really don't know. I did get my period once using only vitex and it was a 34 day cycle. It takes time to work.
Working / Worked
well i just start take be i heard alot of good things about it
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