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Eflornithine is used to slow down bodily substances called enzymes that help hair grow. The effect is slower facial hair growth.

This medicine is available only with your doctor's prescription.

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Overall, 61% (109 Members) find Vaniqa helpful

Vaniqa Reviews

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worked great when I could afford it
I've only been using this for a week but it has changed my life. Medicine usually affects me really strong, but I haven't had any tingling or rash and it has completely slowed down my hair growth on chest and face. I love it and even though it's expensive, it's really cheaper than laser and I just apply it before my day or night cream so no disruption to my daily routinue. I do brush my teeth before I apply because I am afraid I will get some in my mouth but no problem once it dries. Love it
If used properly and consistently, it did clear some facial hair. Side effects: slight tingling, burning sensation
It helps to slow the growth of facial hair. It doesn't stop the growth, but slows it down. No side effects.
Have noticed a difference already
It worked but was expensive. I would suggest Spironolactone it takes a few months to see the result but it gets near the same results (usually covered by insurance as well) and also helps with water weight.
cost a lot
i found the hairs are much less course and dark
Has slowed my hair grown considerably and as a result improved my confidence no end. Has been a Godsend. You have to get into a routine of applying it twice daily, and it does sting a little bit - but I'm not complaining, it's changed my life.
Great, but super expensive!
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