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(also known as Chlorpromazine, Largactil)

Phenothiazines are used to treat serious mental and emotional disorders, including schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Some are used also to control agitation in certain patients, severe nausea and vomiting, severe hiccups, and moderate to severe pain in some hospitalized patients. Chlorpromazine is used al... continue

Treatment Success Rate

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Bipolar Disorder
Personality Disorders
Overall, 72% (161 Members) find Thorazine helpful

Thorazine Reviews

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Working / Worked
worked very well but made me very hungry wanted to eat all the time and made me constipated
Working / Worked
This is helping my oldest but my youngest it doesnt.He is on a different medicine
Working / Worked
I've only ever had this in hospitals as something to calm me down, and yes it works and quickly.
Working / Worked
I use this if ha doesnt respond to abortive. I have pills but works best given IV. Have to take it with Benadryl.
Working / Worked
keeps me sane lol
Working / Worked
Works well.
Working / Worked
gets me to sleep 150 mg at bedtime
Working / Worked
Improves my panic attacks and helps me sleep.
Working / Worked
Zombie. It makes you feel nothing at all.
Working / Worked
Working: I take it only when I get psychotic. It is as needed for psychosis on top of my Geodon. I love it. It keeps me out of the hospital.
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