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(also known as Theo-dur, Theo 24, Uniphyll)
Theophylline is a methylxanthine drug used in therapy for respiratory diseases such as COPD or asthma. As a member of the xanthine family, it bears structural and pharmacological similarity to caffeine. more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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COPD & Emphysema
Environmental Allergies
Families of Prisoners
Overall, 87% (228 Members) find Theophylline helpful

Theophylline Reviews

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Working / Worked
Was on it in my younger years. It worked for me.
Working / Worked
maintain a more stable pf. side effects are not pleasent sickness, dizzyness
Working / Worked
used it for years and then started feeling heart pains
Working / Worked
works well with other drugs
Working / Worked
Used this for years. The doctor I saw in the hospital in January just took me off of it and I feel it. Am going to ask for it back from my GP.
Working / Worked
they only just recently put me on this but it seems to be working
Working / Worked
Been on this for years.
Working / Worked
very hyper Have high blood pressure so only when nessacery
Working / Worked
Was on this for many, many years with sucess.
Working / Worked
Was on this for a long time after I was hospitalized the first time, eventually stopped it to see how I would do and I seem to be ok without it
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  1. Discussion: Theophylline
    Used theophylline for years along with Advair, Spriva and Ventolin. The combination worked well for me until my double lung transplant one month ago. ... [More]
  2. Discussion: Theophylline
    How embarrassing! I went to look up more on Theophylline and it is primarily used as a bronchodilator for dogs and cats!!! No, I don't want to hear... [More]
  3. Discussion: Theophylline
    I'm curious as to whether anyone here takes Theophylline for their COPD. It was listed among common meds for COPD and is supposed to relax the airway... [More]
  4. Discussion: theo,24.
    Maddie..I stumpled across this old post (from 2009) when I searched for this med on Google........... [More]
  5. Discussion: theo,24.
    ive been taking theo for years for copd.would this med be considered an inflamatoy med.used for inflamation.thanks.ilove yall.mj. [More]