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(also known as Theo-dur, Theo 24, Uniphyll)
Theophylline is a methylxanthine drug used in therapy for respiratory diseases such as COPD or asthma. As a member of the xanthine family, it bears structural and pharmacological similarity to caffeine. more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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COPD & Emphysema
Environmental Allergies
Families of Prisoners
Overall, 87% (215 Members) find Theophylline helpful

Theophylline Reviews

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Somewhat Helpful
Currently take it with Zyflo
Somewhat Helpful
i just started on it not to long ago. but concidering all that i take i think all of it combined is helping some what
Somewhat Helpful
When I used this thirty years ago, it seemed to work okay. It tended to make me jittery.
Somewhat Helpful
Not taking any more. Was on it for 2-3 years 12-15 years ago. Made me shake, and did help me breath a bit.
Somewhat Helpful
300 mg twice daily
Too Soon To Tell
I think I had a theophylline poisoning, vomiting for 3 days and nights. Before that I had had frequent severe headaches which I took for a new presentation of my former migraines. All disappeared when I stopped taking theophylline.
Too Soon To Tell
So far, haven't seen much benefit
Too Soon To Tell
just started a week ago, good so far
Not Working
My best friend died from an overdose of this medication so I have refused to use it.
Not Working
Bad stomach pains
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    xopenex is similar to albuterol but will not affect the heart. There are a dozen inhalers similar to flovent, I take Advair and Qvar. The oral medicat... [More]
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    ive been taking theo for years for copd.would this med be considered an inflamatoy med.used for inflamation.thanks.ilove yall.mj. [More]