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(also known as Androgel, Androderm, Depo-Testosterone)

Testosterone is used for the treatment of males whose bodies do not make enough natural testosterone, a condition called hypogonadism. Testosterone is a male hormone responsible for the growth and development of the male sex organs and maintenance of secondary sex characteristics .

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Treatment Success Rate

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Klinefelter's Syndrome
Testicular Cancer
Impotence & Erectile Dy...
Overall, 92% (132 Members) find Testosterone helpful

Testosterone Reviews

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Working / Worked
I've been on Androderm since April 8th, 2014. It has worked very well.
Working / Worked
Helps me with muscle strength.
Working / Worked
helps my libido...and sexual feelings and response..looking to combine it safely with estrogen therapy, to help with emotional symptoms.
I have been using this for 5 years to supplement because I dont make enough. It has cause my hair to thin out and Im not sure my liver is thrilled. Only on .5 IM.
Working / Worked
Fatigue, lack of libido and depression. Dr. recommended me on finding my testosterone level were deficient. Use it every 2 weeks .. 150 mg. Injected in glutes. Initially somewhat uneasy, but get used to it easily. Has brought up the testosterone levels to normal. All effects improved to the better. Performance imp is unbelievable and great !! I USE TESTOSTERONE CYPIONATE IM.
Working / Worked
The Best111
Made a world of difference. One shot 200mg1ml every two weeks.
Working / Worked
Helps libido some, helps hair growth some
Working / Worked
Helps with fatigue and anxiety
Working / Worked
on 100mg inj weekly and feel much more energetic since started it.
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