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Taclonex© is a combination ointment used to treat psoriasis. It contains betamethasone, a steroid, and calcipotriene (Dovonex©), a vitamin D3 analog. more at Wikipedia

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Overall, 75% (128 Members) find Taclonex helpful

Taclonex Reviews

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Working / Worked
so-so, its like a band aid
Working / Worked
Still searching
Working / Worked
it seems to be working very well. It lifts the scales off my scalp and the patches usually stay away for 3-4 days, but itmakes me hair very greasy.
Working / Worked
Best I have used for daily use but I worry about the side effects of too many topical steriods.
Working / Worked
I do not know this drug .
Working / Worked
best topical ever but so expensive many insurances will not cover
Working / Worked
I can't believe how well this is working for me. Relief was experienced a couple of days after I started using it. While I understand it is expensive, I'm thankful for my $30 co-pay.
Working / Worked
Its magical.. i have been having this for 25 yrs. the patch on my knee never went away so i just left it alone for years. last year to meet my insurance deductible, i went to see my doctor and she gave me taclonex. it is very expensive w/o insurance, like 800 or something. i used it for about a week and it went away!
Working / Worked
It helps, but I worry about my skin thinning.
Working / Worked
LOVE this! I've tried Olux, Coal Tar, Dermarest, Clobex, have been on Humira for 3 months, and tried all kinds of other stuff for my scalp psoriasis with no success whatsoever. I've just had the worst flare-up of my life and was on my last tether when I tried Taclonex. After just three nights of use, it's almost completely cleared up my entire scalp and outer ears. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but I think the stuff's amazing.
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