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Swimming is the movement through water of humans, animals and other creatures, without artificial assistance. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. Because the density of the human body is approximately similar to that of water, the body is supported by the water and less stress is therefore placed on joints and b... more at Wikipedia

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Overall, 94% (2002 Members) find Swimming helpful

Swimming Reviews

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put in lap pool that you tether self to & it helps keep me strong. can exercise with foam weights and keep cool in warm weather!
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I do this to be prepare incase I'm ever in a ferry that goes down. I normally swim 1/4 a mile, but can swim 2 miles if I have to.
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Great but I have scars on my back and it's hard to find something to wear plus I can't figure out how to protect my hair except rubbing it with vaseline. Wearing two bathing hats doesn't even do it.
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it does work to get slimer while you practice a sport but when i stopped practicing i gained all the weight back.
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This does help all joints need to keep it up regularly.
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I wish I had access to swim everyday! I love swimming and how I feel in water!
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Don't swim but do water therapy in the summer at my neighbors pool.
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Very good for my mood. Best therapy ever.
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Improved my mood
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