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Swimming is the movement through water of humans, animals and other creatures, without artificial assistance. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. Because the density of the human body is approximately similar to that of water, the body is supported by the water and less stress is therefore placed on joints and b... more at Wikipedia

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Overall, 94% (1966 Members) find Swimming helpful

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pool exercises everyday during warm weather...
Working / Worked
Water aerobics. I believe in this but as stated before, my last attempt at the gym gave me no positive feedback after working hard 5 days a week for 3 months.
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I cant say swimming because I cant swim anymore because of such weakness but water exercise is great...water aerobics is fun and challenging...for me No Jacuzzi water pressure and heat severely aggravates nerves and increases crippling spasms Mentally relaxing though
Working / Worked
Good for fitness. Used cold water therapy during flares. Cold water is uncomfortable, but seems to lessen symptoms.
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is helping
Working / Worked
Just a couple laps even feels great!
Working / Worked
Very effective! Works the whole body. I need to get back into it but it is hard when I have to do my hair during the week!
Mostly floating. Water helps a great deal with my pain.
Working / Worked
I can only do vigorous exercise if I am in cool water. After swimming about a quarter mile sometimes more I do upper body exercises with the dumbell shaped floats. I function much better on cool days as well. Hot days above 85 degrees F really run me down and when direct sun hits me it wipes me out fast.
Enjoy aqua aerobics and you don't have to have much balance to do them!
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  1. Discussion: Swimming
    i use the pool as a form of exercise yes..grant it i dont swim but i walk and do different things in the water that im unable to do on land...i love t... [More]
  2. Discussion: Swimming
    Drew, I've done water PT on and off for almost 20 years and it's the best thing for my fibro pain. Is your pool heated? Heat is always better for PT ... [More]
  3. Discussion: Swimming
    Hi all, I went swimming for the first time since my last surgery. Wow. I didn't realize how much mobility I had lost after all of the fusions. I t... [More]
  4. Discussion: Swimming
    Yes, swimming is excellent. However word of cautions; swim with someone present who can help and watch out for water temp. extreme cold or hot can eff... [More]
  5. Discussion: Swimming
    The Arthritis Foundation has long confirmed and supported the benefits of any exercise done in water - preferably a HEATED pool. Many YMCA's offer spe... [More]