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In medicine, a stent is either an expandable wire form or perforated tube that is inserted into a natural conduit of the body to prevent or counteract a disease-induced localized flow constriction. The most common use of stents is in coronary arteries. They are also widely used in other natural body conduits, such as c... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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Heart Attack
Coronary Heart Disease
Kidney Stones
Overall, 94% (381 Members) find Stents helpful

Stents Reviews

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Working / Worked
4 weeks ...too early to say?
Working / Worked
Currrently working well.
Working / Worked
During the early hours of New Years Day I experience heavy painful pressure in my chest that would not subside after a few minutes... after calling 911, I was rushed to the hospital and discovered over 95% block in my LAD and 2 stents were placed. Felt good hours after the procedure, but docs wanted to see me in two weeks to have additional stents placed in my right artery for blockage that was over 80%. I returned to have the procedure and doing well today.
Working / Worked
would have just exploded if not for a stent
Working / Worked
Right Femoral 100% blocked. Stent put in on 0828014. Procedure has helped.
Working / Worked
Horrible. First MI resulted in 2 stents and shredded artery on attempt to place 3rd. Docs attempted to have me wait one month on meds to "Heal" the artery and stabilize me prior to 2nd attempt to repair. Didn't work. Had 2nd MI 3 weeks after first and life saving emergency surgery to repair damaged artery. Extremely weak and breathless one month later.
Working / Worked
rushed to ER. procedure was done with in 15 minutes. seem to be no complications or side effects
Working / Worked
Had on stent inserted to clear up major blockage in one artery.
Working / Worked
Heart attack 1/28/14 then emergency stent installed and instantly felt relief and believe now I am healthier than the whole year prior because of the restored blood flow!
Working / Worked
I have a stent.
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  1. Discussion: Stents
    Hi, I wish you the best of luck with this. I had an angiogram just under two weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was not a candidate for stenting as they di... [More]
  2. Discussion: Stents
    Hi Mandy I had this done to my right transverse sinus this past December. My vein was severely compressed. Last June I had a lumbar shunt and the sur... [More]
  3. Discussion: Stents
    Mandy, Good luck, i hope this works for you and some relief comes your way. Mandy aka Buttercup85 has had good luck with stents. Although finding her... [More]
  4. Discussion: Stents
    Mandy, I've never had stents, but I wanted to say good luck, and that I'm sending my love over the i-waves. You'll be in my thoughts. Seasprite [More]
  5. Discussion: Stents
    I go in for a cranial angiogram (sp on Wednesday and possiable stents. I was wanddring if anybody has had one. And what the recovery waz like. And th... [More]