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(also known as Minoxidil)

Minoxidil applied to the scalp is used to stimulate hair growth in adult men and women with a certain type of baldness. The exact way that this medicine works is not known.

If hair growth is going to occur with the use of minoxidil, it usually occurs after the medicine has been used for several months and last... continue

Treatment Success Rate

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Alopecia Areata
Trichotillomania (Hair ...
High Blood Pressure
Overall, 51% (61 Members) find Rogaine helpful

Rogaine Reviews

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Working / Worked
Worked but I gradually came off of it by using NewHair Biofactors Scalp Extract. It tool longer for the same results but I'm no longer stuck with it for life.
Working / Worked
It worked really good for growing my hair back. This is the site I been buying the generic without a prescription
Working / Worked
It has certainly sped up growth of hair on y, head, however it makes my scalp very dry, sometimes leaves behind a chalky residue
Working / Worked
it worked but the hair that grew in felt stringy and not strong. Then, i hear that stopping the usage of Rogaine will have the opposite effects. There are better ways that are healthier to get your hair to grow and get healthy.
Working / Worked
just started
Working / Worked
Rogaine worked but you must apply religiously and if you stop, yhe hair falls out.
Working / Worked
I purchase the generic from Wal-mart. It's called Equate womens hair regrowth. I get 3 bottles for less money that 1 bottle of rogaine would cost. And, it does the exact same thing!
Working / Worked
started using two weeks ago - smells horrible and makes my hair greasy and sticky
Working / Worked
this one is working but i dont like the side effects at all...makes you grow hair on your face and well pretty much everywhere
Working / Worked
too soon to tell
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    I do not like to wear wigs. I think that the alopecia I can deal with. Wigs are too hot and miserable. I have been using rogaine for 3 years now and ... [More]
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    To CourneyFox1 Please share your alternative to rogaine. It would be most interesting. Thank-you! [More]
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    I started the Mens 5% formula. The directions say that it only works in one spot but my dermatologist has me using it all over. Has anyone had success... [More]