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(also known as Learning, Knowledge)
Research is a human activity based on intellectual investigation and aimed at discovering, interpreting, and revising human knowledge on different aspects of the world. more at Wikipedia

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Working / Worked
The more i research my problems, the better techniques I can come up with to help on a day to day basis.
Working / Worked
Learned that too much processed food actually affects the behaviour.
Working / Worked
Experience is the best teacher, we all have something to teach to those whose wish is to learn.

The best teachers are those who are students themselves.
I'm an RN, so I know a little bit about babies. :) But, I'm constantly looking things up and it helps that I am able to tell which information is reliable and which is not.
Working / Worked
Just starting.
Working / Worked
Love to be left alone and researching.
Working / Worked
I'm learning a lot about myself and why I have certain behaviors. I was diagnosed just over a year ago, but I believe this is something I've been struggling with for many years.
I worked as a Parent Educator for 5 years, and research has been my best friend when working with others' kids as well as my own!
I receive weekly newsletters from a parenting website called Mom365 that talks about infants development for that week or month. It is helpful because it lets me know where my son's development should be.
Working / Worked
Only works until my brain gets overwhelmed
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    I haven't researched it--would be very interested in learning what others think. [More]
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    Hi alan good to see you...and Muji too? yeah... need this. CC, I am so glad that they are adding more to the knowledge, thank you for sharing, all... [More]
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    "He has a HARD time learning": Good pun! Great scientific explanation! Hopefully he reads and understands it. [More]
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    Jin Shin Jyutsu® physio-philosophy is an ancient art of harmonizing the life energy in the body. Born of innate wisdom and passed down from generatio... [More]