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(also known as Cardiac Ablation)
Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) uses radiofrequency energy to destroy abnormal electrical pathways in heart tissue. It is used in recurrent AF and other types of supraventricular tachycardia. The energy emitting probe (electrode) is placed into the heart through a catheter. The practitioner first "maps" an area of the he... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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Lung Cancer
Chronic Pain
Back Pain
Varicose Veins
Overall, 78% (106 Members) find Radiofrequency Ablation helpful

Radiofrequency Ablation Reviews

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Working / Worked
slow recovery, chest pain, groin pain
Working / Worked
I had RF surgery in Sept. 2011. I occasionally have slight twinges of pain but no numbness.
Working / Worked
It helped with shrinking his tumors in the chest (gaining us time?).
Working / Worked
I had 3 of these and still have lots of PVC'S and fast rhythms.. Living life day by day
Working / Worked
it worked for. Little bit but I think it. Came back. It made it a little tired.
Working / Worked
in part, left leg only injected which has not worked, right leg lasered which is now fine
Working / Worked
Was a temporary fix..
Working / Worked
gives some relief for several montohs at a time. Doesnt work beyond L3
Working / Worked
I had 5 RFAs in 5 months T12S3 right and T12L5 left. It seems to work but the first set has worn off in about 6 months.
Working / Worked
I had an ablation three years ago and although my Cardiologist said it would take a year to a year and a half to be fully healed, it actually took me a good two and a half years. I'm still on Sotolol and experienced PAC's after. They were a nuisance until I started taking magnesium and calcium citrate. Now I don't have any PAC's at all.
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