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It is used in nuclear medicine both diagnostically and therapeutically. Examples of its use in therapy include the treatment of thyrotoxicosis and cancer of the thyroid. Diagnostic tests exploit the mechanism of absorption of iodine by the normal cells of the thyroid gland. As an example iodine-131 is one of the radioa... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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Graves' Disease
Thyroid Cancer
Overall, 89% (364 Members) find Radioactive Iodine helpful

Radioactive Iodine Reviews

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Working / Worked
I had to have this twice and it finally worked the second time.
Working / Worked
I had RAI twice to kill my thyroid. It finally worked after the second time.
Working / Worked
It worked, but now I wish I had tried other options before doing this. I now have other issues.
Working / Worked
had it for the update test.
Working / Worked
First time 04/07 then again in 12/07. Worked for hyperthyroidism but diagnosed with TED in May 2009
Working / Worked
every thing turned out ok . but it is 10 yrs later and i have eye problems
Working / Worked
Did not work back on methimizole
Working / Worked
had radioactive iodine ablation in Feb. 2011, which seemed to work, however, my thyroid levels have just recently gone wacky, making me wonder if there is a small area that is once again producing the hormones.
Working / Worked
Diagnosed July 2011
Had the RAI in October and now one year later Im doing good. I've gained my weight back.
Working / Worked
It did work. It took more than three years for my thyroid to find a happy place. I am left with edema which I can't seem to get rid of and I take a diuretic for it.
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