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A prostatectomy is the surgical removal of all or part of the prostate gland. Abnormalities of the prostate, such as a tumour, or if the gland itself becomes enlarged for any reason, can restrict the normal flow of urine along the urethra. more at Wikipedia

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Working / Worked
No cancer but currently have ED and incontinence.
Working / Worked
Surgery was done September, 2012. Pathology report indicated tumor was entirely localized in the prostate with no spread. But PSA value in Jan. 2013 was 0.27 and 0.34 In March. Doctors are considering radiation.
Working / Worked
The cancer is gone for over 6 years but my life has changed so much. I don't regret the surgery, only the emotions that followed. Find a group and go to counseling. Even the love of a family may be put to the test.
Working / Worked
2 years since surgery and I am still or do I think I ever will be the same.
Working / Worked
It cured the cancer, but left me with E.D. (impotence)
Working / Worked
robotic surgery - positive results. No bladder control & still have ED
Working / Worked
It has been a radical reversal of my previous lifestyle in interests feelings emotions and a radical change in my marriage.
Working / Worked
Surgery was successful, cancer gone and no follow-up treatment needed. I am now dealing with incontinence and it is very frustrating.
Working / Worked
I have Prostate cancer am 55 and am working out my options all yoru feed back it useful thanks
Working / Worked
My biopsy (12/3/o5 showed that I had a gleason 10 which is fairly rare. I had RRP surgery on 2/14/06. The surgery showed a T3b (seminal vesicle involvement) which has a poor prognosis. I also had IMRT May thru June of '06. So far I have been either blessed or lucky. My current psa taken every 3-months is .05 or negligible. I have not taken the shot (Zoladex or Lupron) despite warnings that I do so by my uro doc and oncologist. I am going to follow thier advice and take hormone therapy on Jan.
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    I had a radical prostatectomy on October 4, 2013. DO YOUR KEGELS! Start now. If you don't know what they are look them up. After the procedure, incont... [More]
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    Hi my name is Chris, from Mesa Arizona. I had the Radical Prostatectomy robotic . On April 16, 2014. They got the prostate out, nerves were spared.... [More]
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    I'm 52 and had radical prostatectomy 4 years ago. 9 out 10 biopsies positive gleason score 8. Currently have ED (pills help somewhat), and incontin... [More]
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    I was diagnosed at age 48 (4 years ago). Had a large amount of aggressive cancer but was contained in prostate. I was being checked out for somethin... [More]
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    I am a 72 year old man with ulcerative colitis. Last year I had a radical prostatectomy. Now the doctors are considering radiation to the pelvis beca... [More]