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(also known as Hydroxychloroquine)

Hydroxychloroquine belongs to the family of medicines called antiprotozoals. Protozoa are tiny, one-celled animals. Some are parasites that can cause many different kinds of infections in the body.

This medicine is used to prevent and to treat malaria and to treat some conditions such as liver disease caused b... continue

Treatment Success Rate

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Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sjogren's Syndrome
Polymyositis & Dermatom...
Overall, 80% (2618 Members) find Plaquenil helpful

Plaquenil Reviews

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Working / Worked
Its helping but I'm still having flares
Working / Worked
I have been on Plaquenil since my diagnosis. 10 yrs. I am noticing some more frequent nausea after taking it.
Working / Worked
taken for 15 yrs
no side effects
isn't working well without Prednisone
Working / Worked
Have been on this drug for about 12 years, I guess it helps (?!) I've always been to afraid to stop taking it to see if indeed it does work.
Working / Worked
Loved it! Felt great while on the Plaqenil. No pain whatsoever, but sadly I developed a severe rash over most of my body and had to stop it.
Working / Worked
My eye Dr is concerned about my vision and the side effects of plaquenil. My Rheumetolgist lowered my dose. It keeps certain antibodies low.
Working / Worked
Its working...I have not experienced any joint pain in a while but i think the Prednisone is doing all the work.....
Working / Worked
It was working pretty good Then I had a BAD flare so my doc added 6wks of prednisone to the mix. It the Plaquenil doesn't work on its own may have to add methotrexate to the mix
Working / Worked
seems to be helping, but I am still going through my paid sick leave WAY too fast
Working / Worked
Three times I have been on Plaquenil over the years. The first back in 1980 and I was on it for 2 also worked well for a few years, which caused a remission for 3 years. The second time it also worked well for me. About 8 years ago, I tried it again and nada. I was constantly nausea and quit. I am going to try Plaquenil again in a few weeks.
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    Plaquenil is a safe RA med and works well for many. Unfortunately, I had a severe reaction and had to come off it after two months. Good luck [More]
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    What is the standard dosage for plaquenil? My rheumy started me on two 200MG tablets a day. [More]