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Overeaters Anonymous (OA) is a Twelve Step program for people identifying themselves as "powerless over food" including, but not limited to, compulsive overeaters, those with binge eating disorder, bulimics and anorexics. OA was founded by Rozanne S. and two other women in January, 1960. more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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Condition Members Success
Food Addiction
Eating Disorders
Diets & Weight Maintenance
Overall, 68% (1200 Members) find Overeaters Anonymous (OA) helpful

Overeaters Anonymous (OA) Reviews

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Working / Worked
I went there for an eating disorder--bulimia.
Working / Worked
it worked extreemly well, and then my life changed. now i need to get back to it, while it was easy then, its not as easy this time.
Working / Worked
The 12 step program has saved my life! not just for my eating disorder but because I can put it into practice for everything I do.
Working / Worked
In the beginning, then I couldn't get to the meetings.
Working / Worked
The online meetings are wonderful.
Working / Worked
Working / Worked
it is good to talk to people in person & there is not an EDA in my area, although I do an EDA on-line mtg each week
Working / Worked
Great support, but, banning certain foods works against me - I rebel against it. Not in OA any more but glad I worked the program for several years.
Working / Worked
I did not take it seriously it was more a thing to do and go eat afterwards with my friend
Working / Worked
Good foundation to learn to love yourself and not harm oneself. I learned to plan for eating out as well.
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