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Nephrectomy is the surgical removal of a kidney. more at Wikipedia

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Overall, 93% (170 Members) find Nephrectomy helpful

Nephrectomy Reviews

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It will be 4 years post-op on 12/9/08 and have not had any other issues.
So far, so good.
Yes - For 5 years
removed left kidney, and 4 lymph noids, all positive for renal
Kidney removed in 1990. He was cancer free until July 2008
Tim had a Laparscopic nephrectomy Nov 17th 2008, his left kidney was removed, along with adrenal gland, 8 lymph nodes & fatty tissue, all had cancer involvement. So far the surgery is a sucuss, no new growth in 5 years in this area.
my tumor was removed laproscopy. I am still in a little pain across back and abdomen. The pain in the shoulders was the worse I was told this is where the gas escapes when they fill you up with gas. The doctor said he got it all.
It removed the tumor
I Lost my left kidney afew year,s ago due to chronic pylonephritus,i,d had a stone as a kid which they removed,saving the kidney,then i had nothink but trouble with the kidney and it had to be removedmi felt great after the op,but sadly i developed more problems and now find i have a tumour and am awaiting a partial nephrectomy i hope!
Partial Right Nephrectomy. I was up an playing Soccer for my team in 1 month. Surgery wan't too bad but the emotional roller coster has been a nightmare. I am trying to just "Let go and Let GOD". I'm not to good at giving up control.
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    I have PKD and had to have my kidneys removed because of constant infection, hematuria and chronic pain. If you didn't have a transplant, I'd say kee... [More]
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    I had bilateral nephrectomies 3 years ago after being hospitalized 10x in 2 years with recurrent UTIs and pyelonephritis of my transplant. It was not... [More]
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    make no mistake, a transplant is a day at the beach compared with a nephrectomy. like you I had frequent infections, at least 3 after my transplant. ... [More]
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    I have had a very successful live donor kidney transplant for the past five years. The new kidney is performing like a charm. My only problem is that ... [More]