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Progestins are hormones.

The low-dose progestins for contraception are used to prevent pregnancy. Other names for progestin-only oral contraceptives are minipills and progestin-only pills (POPs). Progestins can prevent fertilization by preventing a woman's egg from fully developing.

Also, progestins caus... continue

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Overall, 55% (266 Members) find Mirena helpful

Mirena Reviews

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Working / Worked
I still get extremely painful abdonimal pains that put me on the floor, and abnormal bleeding.
Working / Worked
Works ok. Still some pain at times, but I can live with it.
Working / Worked
have to have top up hormones to calm down my side effects!
Working / Worked
Did not work for me, I had it in for 8 moths and it had to be removed as I was in alot of pain. Docs thought my pain was down to the mirena but in fact it was the endometriosis.
Working / Worked
i love it I dont get my piroids and i dont have to think about it.
Working / Worked
pains went a bit when i first got it in.
Working / Worked
Agony for first three months and constant bleeding. Then, brilliant when it settled down. No periods for a while and no endo symptoms. However, terrible monthly mood swings and a gradual return of endo symptoms after 2 yrs. Would still recommend Mirena though.
Working / Worked
Once you get past the first week, the cramping is sparse/non-existant. There was a little dizziness and nausea after insertion, but nothing major. For me it was like labor pains all over again. Despite that I'd do it again in a heartbeat! My sex drive is back, no more injections, and best of all, I'm pain-free. After years of suffering with this, Mirena is like mana to me!
Working / Worked
it worked good
Working / Worked
Bleed for 8 months was reduced to spotting by the BCP. Currently on this form of treatment.
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    Hi! I had my Mirena inserted during my second lap just over 3 years ago so was under for the insertion. I haven't had any issues with it, I can't feel... [More]
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    I know there's been discussions of Mirena on here before, you should search the archives for them. I've had one for about 2 years. Getting it inse... [More]
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    Has anyone used the IUD Mirena for management for endo? How did you find it worked? How long were you on it? Would you say it worked for long term man... [More]
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    Yeah, my gyn said that she was going to do the ablation if the Mirena didn't she won't do it. Grrr. Irritates me when they say one thing bu... [More]
  5. Discussion: Mirena
    I have had my mirena in for 3 years due to heavy periods. I am having continuous bleeds and I can't usually remember when it actually begins or when i... [More]