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Progestins are hormones.

The low-dose progestins for contraception are used to prevent pregnancy. Other names for progestin-only oral contraceptives are minipills and progestin-only pills (POPs). Progestins can prevent fertilization by preventing a woman's egg from fully developing.

Also, progestins caus... continue

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Overall, 54% (263 Members) find Mirena helpful

Mirena Reviews

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Working / Worked
Started using it in 2007 took it out in 2011 because I thought it was the IUD causing all my pain. (not knowing I had endo.)
Working / Worked
Got this in August 2012, had spotting for 3 months, but each month less and cycle more regular. It reduced bleeding to barely anything, which I consider a miracle! But I had an endometrioma cyst that needed to be removed and that hurt more with each cycle. Had to add back combo pill with estrogen to help that pain until cystectomy. Hope to just have Mirena only eventually and see if that enough.
Working / Worked
good for stopping the painful periods
Working / Worked
started mirena after i gave birth to my son because endo came back . my gyno talking me into it ( i was not keen ) i got put under to it placed for i was getting alot of pain with internals . first 5 month where horrible i asked my gyno to take it out 5 time but he asked me to give it more time i had pain spotting for those 5 months . after that amazing i would bleed every 4-5 month which would last maybe 2 day never any pain . i had it in for 5 year and only just got it replaced
Working / Worked
was ok but still had cysts the whole time i had it.
Working / Worked
I still haven't healed properly since the operation. I suffer from severe abdominal, bowel and pelvic pains on a daily basis and its already been 2 1/2 months since the operation.
Working / Worked
Currently working the best.
Working / Worked
This is helping, after 10 months I have almost completely ceased my menstrual cycle. Still have it sometimes and I so ovulate still which is incredibly painful.
Working / Worked
Was on after my daughter was born, didn't know I had endo but took out after a year to rule out hormonal imbalance as to why I was so ill.
Working / Worked
I don't use the Mirena IUD but I have the implant in my arm that has the same hormones. I am lucky and am part of only 10% of women that do not have periods on the implant or any harsh side effects.
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    Yeah, my gyn said that she was going to do the ablation if the Mirena didn't she won't do it. Grrr. Irritates me when they say one thing bu... [More]
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    I have had my mirena in for 3 years due to heavy periods. I am having continuous bleeds and I can't usually remember when it actually begins or when i... [More]