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Miralax contains Polyethylene glycol 3350 (PEG 3350)and is an osmotic laxative used to treat occasional constipation. more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

Top 5 Communities
Condition Members Success
Irritable Bowel Syndrom...
Crohn's Disease & Ulcer...
Cystic Fibrosis
Spina Bifida
Overall, 80% (333 Members) find Miralax helpful

Miralax Reviews

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only with additional medications, Linzess
couldn't get dosage right
works very well
Sometimes it works
don't know if it helps or not
Sometimes works.
Took it for a long time and it was better than nothing but caused bad bloating.
Hate it but it works when I need it.
nice to have a laxative that isnt disgusting! Have to take it everyday for success.
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  1. Discussion: Miralax ???
    In all the years I spent trying to improve my symptoms, nothing made me feel worse than Miralax. But that could be because I was already eating about ... [More]
  2. Discussion: Miralax ???
    I use Miralax daily (My gastroenterologist told me it is safe to take daily) I find that it works extremely well in keeping me regular. [More]
  3. Discussion: Miralax ???
    I haven't tried Miralax my Dr told me to do Metamucil. I do one a day and I for sure notice a difference. [More]
  4. Discussion: Miralax ???
    I've noticed that there are a lot of recommendations for a high fiber diet. I was just wondering if anyone has used Miralax on an ongoing basis & ... [More]
  5. Discussion: MiraLAX?
    Hi folks! My better half and I were told to take MiraLAX and Dulcolax as part of the prep for our colonoscopies. Someone on the Graves' forum ju... [More]