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Pyridostigmine is used to treat muscle weakness in people with myasthenia gravis and to combat the effects of curariform drug toxicity. It also has a military use as a nerve gas antidote (it has been used in particular during the first Gulf War). more at Wikipedia

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Working / Worked
I was just diagnosed and they put me on mestinon 60, mg 3x a day so no more double vision I am so exhausted. going back to neurologist on the 18th
Working / Worked
My MG wonder drug. Works great for my balbar MG. No side effects to speak of.
Working / Worked
Just beginning Mestinon. It was working well to stabilize until a stressful weekend and I am turned upside down.
Working / Worked
I was only on it for about a month & my symptoms became worse so the Neuro-Opthamologist took me off it! I had uncontrollable diarrhea & unable to eat.
Working / Worked
Been using since 1997.
Working / Worked
Mestinon has been my friend and my enemy. I've been taking it since the start of my diagnosis. What started as simply 60mg/ 3x day is now Mestinon TimeSpan 180mg/ 4x a day. It gives me stomach aches if I take it on an empty stomach. I get muscle twitches periodically and increased salivation, too.
Working / Worked
I started Mestinon about 3 weeks ago, taking 60 mg. every 4 times a day but my Dr. told me to not take the last dose too late in the day. I actually thought I could cut back on it because my eye wasn't drooping at all before I needed to take another one. I had an EMG on Tuesday and everything has changed. The test on my arm was extremely painful (I've had shoulder issues forever from a rotator cuff surgery years ago. The test was normal. However, I feel worse than before the test.
Working / Worked
maintenence works for a while
Working / Worked
Working / Worked
seems to work ok but side effects heavy
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    Maybe I care too much.....maybe I get too involved.....but anyone here who believes they have MG and are not on mestinon are depriving themselves of... [More]