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The Meniett Low-Pressure pulse generator is a device that uses pressure pulses to help reduce excess endolymphatic fluid in the ear. more at Wikipedia

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Meniere's Disease
Overall, 67% (27 Members) find Meniett helpful

Meniett Reviews

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Working / Worked
worked very well
Working / Worked
The Mebiett is a LIFESAVER
Working / Worked
I used the Meniett device twice a day for 16 years and believe it helped tremendously in keeping MD under control. But I have no way to measure this. Finally, my Doc. said I don't need it anymore. I hope he's right.
Working / Worked
The machine is a lifesaver. 90% of the time I can feel better within 10 mins. But there are those days where I wait to long to use or its just so bad that the machine does not help as much. I suffered from 14 hr severe vertigo attacks every other day before I got this. Plus I was taking up to 26 meclizine pills a day.
Its been several years since I've had a severe attack. I do have to have a tube in my ear drum to use the machine. As long as that stays in I seem to be ok.
Working / Worked
I used this Meniett device for almost 2 years . it helped a lot .
i have it for sale .
Email me
or call 602 614 1402

Working / Worked
Did not work on my left ear, thus I had my vestibular nerve cut from my brain stem. I am opting to try it with my right ear because there are few options left for me.
Working / Worked
I believe this significantly helps manage my symptoms. I have not been completely symptom free but when I do have an attack it is 10 minutes of spinning with NO vomiting comparied to HOURS of spinning and vomiting. I had a grommet put into the other ear as balance tests indicated my "good ear" was affected as well so thus far 2 weeks down and NO attacks!! fingers and toes crossed!
Working / Worked
Wearing my I POD helps balance me as the music reduces all the noise.
I don't wear it all the time but when I want a break from T it helps.
Working / Worked
helped me for years, but the disease has progressed beyond that help, still use it occasionally
Working / Worked
Worked very well. Had some problems with grommets but now have a "T" Tube instead.
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