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Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind, often formalized into a specific routine. Meditation is usually recognized as a component of Eastern religions, originating in Vedic Hinduism. It encompasses any of a wide variety of spiritual practices which emphasize mental activity or quiescence. Meditation can also b... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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Chronic Pain
Panic Attacks
Overall, 87% (12745 Members) find Meditation helpful

Meditation Reviews

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I try this, but it is hard because I never get any time to myself.
Working / Worked
I try this as often as I can, it's pretty hard because where I am living, there is a lot of noise, and I hardly ever get any time to myself. Sometimes this works, mostly it works to calm my head before I go to sleep so that I can sleep better.
Working / Worked
It was blissful after I meditated for about 3 hours
Working / Worked
I try. It's not quiet around here.
Working / Worked
regaining your thoughts is always nice, meditation is a good way to calm down
Working / Worked
Meditation and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Works Well.
Working / Worked
When I take the time to do meditation, it does help.
Working / Worked
will start doing this again, has worked in the past and loved it!!
Working / Worked
mindful breathing
Working / Worked
I wish I had more discipline to do it more.
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    I love this! Thanks. Meditation has also helped me gain those things. [More]
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    the article focuses on physical pain but how it works and how effective it is equally applies to emotional pain. [More]
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    Here's my take....Prayer is talking to your personal higher power, meditation is listening to Him [More]
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    Dave, Meditation on The Word of God is not the same as transcendatal meditation. The Scriptures Feed the Soul, T.M. leaves the mind open to repetio... [More]
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