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Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind, often formalized into a specific routine. Meditation is usually recognized as a component of Eastern religions, originating in Vedic Hinduism. It encompasses any of a wide variety of spiritual practices which emphasize mental activity or quiescence. Meditation can also b... more at Wikipedia

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Chronic Pain
Panic Attacks
Overall, 87% (12195 Members) find Meditation helpful

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I do deep breathing and meditation. It has helped in a few situations when I felt out of control and I just breathed through.
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Works in a small capacity. I am able to concentrate on my breathing. During this process I try to focus on all the good things in my life. Sometimes I am successful and can avoid a big meltdown or panic attack.
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meditation is a lot like prayer for me. It helps more than anything else.
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Think of meditation as an exercise for your brain an exercise to teach you to let go of your thoughts. It takes time and diligent effort but it works!
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Got some relief
Working / Worked
Hard to incorporate into daily life- i get bored- mind races
Working / Worked
I find meditating to definitely help calm down and relax. There have certainly been times when I dropped off during meditation. I think it takes constant practice to be more affective.
Working / Worked
I listen to guided relaxation audios every night at bed time, and sometimes during the day. In 3 months I noticed I don't worry as often I used to about things I have no control over.

I'm learning to meditate as a means of eliminating obsessive thoughts about people, places and things that stress me out.
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  1. Discussion: meditation
    the article focuses on physical pain but how it works and how effective it is equally applies to emotional pain. [More]
  2. Discussion: meditation
    do,s anyone know of any good meditation cd or anything that has helped you when u r feeling deppressed ?? love & good health 2 u all xx [More]
  3. Discussion: Meditation
    Here's my take....Prayer is talking to your personal higher power, meditation is listening to Him [More]
  4. Discussion: Meditation
    Dave, Meditation on The Word of God is not the same as transcendatal meditation. The Scriptures Feed the Soul, T.M. leaves the mind open to repetio... [More]
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