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Magnesium is used as a dietary supplement for individuals who are deficient in magnesium. Although a balanced diet usually supplies all the magnesium a person needs, magnesium supplements may be needed by patients who have lost magnesium because of illness or treatment with certain medicines.

Lack of magnesium... continue

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Overall, 70% (606 Members) find Magnesium helpful

Magnesium Reviews

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Working / Worked
Magnesium supplements worked as I was magnesium deficient. No side effects. Used to reduce body pain.
Working / Worked
currently use 400 mg, twice a day
Working / Worked
Seems to help with prevention. I take 800mg with Calcium.
magnesium is needed to control pain and help the muscles relax
My naturopath decided most of my symptoms are related to magnesium deficiency so he gave me vitamin injections called a Myers Cocktail. It helped but when it didnt radically transform my life he decided my body doesnt hold on to the nutrients so I focus on getting 800 to 1000 mg of magnesium a day. Its improved my sleep digestion and muscles issues including controlling my pain. There is evidence that fibro and CFSME are caused by mineral deficiencies.
Working / Worked
I don't know if it makes a difference in HA, but take 600mg with 400 B2 a day, been doing this over a year. I figure it can't hurt.
Has made a big difference in the severity of the daily pain. Also take Calcium Magnesium plus Zinc by Solgar.
Infusions are helping a lot with my energy levels. After finding out that my red blood cells had little to no Magnesium in them it was no wonder my energy was so low and I was having so much muscle tightening.
Working / Worked
I tried Mg Citrate and Mg Taurate....Both have different effects. It takes the edge off...I used alongside Epsom Salt Baths and Magnesium Oil transdermally. I continue with these treatments.
Working / Worked
I find it gets me to sleep but I still wake in the night.
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