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Ranibizumab is used to treat neovascular (wet) age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is a disorder of the retina of the eye that causes blurring of vision or blindness .

This medicine is available only with your doctor's prescription .

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Macular Degeneration
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Had first shot. Very scary.
Working / Worked
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Default Macular Degeneration Lucentis injection problem
I get regular Lucentis shots for Macular Degeneration, in my only "good" eye. The anaesthetic is gluey and several times was not well rinsed out. In such cases it becomes crystallized or grainy under the eyelid as well as caking shut the eye. The last time it resulted in a return emergency visit where they said that there was a scratch on the cornea. Also had fever. Please comment on similar experiences.
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sealed latest leak very quickly
Working / Worked
Have just started taking, so don't know much yet
Working / Worked
Both comes with side effects.
Working / Worked
I use the Off brand of Lucentis. (6/2010) It seems to be helping. So far no side affects.
Working / Worked
Just started this. Previously had shots of Avastin. Did not get hoped for results there.
Working / Worked
if the lucentis had been available in 2001, my husband would not have lost most of the vision in both eyes.
Working / Worked
No side effects, but the preparation can be very uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful depending upon who administers it...since this is a teaching hospital, the residents practice on me. I had been going to a private practice, which was much easier, but not as thorough, so I changed to my present hospital. It is considered the very best hospital in the U.S., so that's why I'm there, but sometimes long for the cookie cutter treatment of the private practice.
Working / Worked
Getting the Avastin shots every 4 weeks
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