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(also known as Vanos, Fluocinonide)
For topical therapy of corticosteroid-responsive acute and chronic skin eruptions where an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and antipruritic activity in the topical management is required. more at Wikipedia

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Depression - Teen
Overall, 81% (75 Members) find Lidex helpful

Lidex Reviews

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Somewhat Helpful
ointment allows me to move around a little but does not clear up the spots that are inflammed and cracked
Somewhat Helpful
Helps, then I build up a tolerance.
Somewhat Helpful
if I dont use three time a day condition rapidly returs.
Somewhat Helpful
Used for a short period, and it helped. I found it did "burn" a little.
Too Soon To Tell
i recently just started using this for my face they said its a strong steroid so i have to be careful because it can be dangerous but again doesnt burn when i out it on which is a plus
Not Working
didn't work and burned my skin
Not Working
skin became more inflamed
Not Working
Worked 'til I progressed to Clobetasol
Not Working
Does not help me.
Not Working
It didn't help with my outbreak.
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    Thanks! I will have to mention the Fluocinonide to my doctor. I do have insurance. I still had a $50 copay for this little bottle of lotion though. I... [More]
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    My doc prescribed Fluocinonide USP, 0.05% cream, 30g. Its $4 at Walmart Pharmacy. [More]