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Knee replacement, or arthroplasty of the knee, is a commonly performed operation done to relieve the pain and disability from rheumatoid arthritis or more often osteoarthritis of the knee. more at Wikipedia

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had arthroscopies in hip R, both knees and both ankles
Working / Worked
Both of my knees have been completely replaced and this has helped immensely with pain in that area, though has left resulting muscle issues.
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I had disc removal in my spine in 2000, which is where the arthritis set in.
Working / Worked
I have had three... the last one was open hip surgery and two months after it I fell on my hip. Waiting to see if having a 4th surgery.
Working / Worked
Bilateral knee replacement & shoulder replacement but still have a lot of the muscle pain that I had with the joint pain.
Working / Worked
I have had my right knee replaced. They did a wonderful job! I am very happy with it.
Working / Worked
Both knees replaced in September, so far so good. I needed the surgery for at least a decade.
Working / Worked
I had each knew replaced; one in Lubbock and the other in Amarillo. They were each a different type of replacement but both worked. Recovery was kinda long but more functional as time wore on.
Working / Worked
2 surgeries on the left, 1 on the right for torn miniscus'. Now the doc says replacements if the cortizone shots stop working.
Working / Worked
She had to have knee sugery a month after the accident, they did drill 4 holes in her knee in the ER when it happened June 2011! But it was horrible, she suffered , she was just 15 yrs. old and on morophine, loratab, perocets! They made her so sick! Had to take her home for 25 days with a broken knee in 2 places a brace from ankle to hip not aloud to move it what so ever till sugery, give her shots in her stomache which my daughter totally hates needles it was blood thinners! Just ask more!
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