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Klonopin Reviews

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Was just given this for chronic myofascial pain disease. Been on it for a week. It has not reduced the muscle spasms but has reduced the stress that bring on the spasms. So, if you ask me tke what works for you.
Working / Worked
Dramatic decrease of aggressive behaviors. However, of course, this is still an issue.
Working / Worked
Dramatic decrease of aggressive behaviors. However, of course, this is still an issue.
Working / Worked
Klonapin works great for my anxiety. It helps to keep me feeling more "level" and helps to keep my thoughts form racing so much. It also helps a little with social fears I have as well. If I don't take it, I feel much worse, so I always remember to take it. I take 1/2 mg per day.
Have used forbrestless leg. SeemS to wrrk pretty well for that.
Working / Worked
I take Klonopin to help lessen my anxiety and its really effective and less side effects. I got it from
Working / Worked
I have taken it for about 4 years and I truly believe it helps me sleep and reduces spasms and pain.
Working / Worked
I take one every night to relax my muscles so I am able to sleep.
Working / Worked
I takt of klonopin twice a day-even though I now have melanoma skin cancer, I have been taking it for years at the same low dose plue wellbuttron and the work for me. My Dr. wants me off the klonapin and not just because it is addictive-so does anyoneknow what the side effects are?--I take klonapin for pain attacks.
Working / Worked
Working well so far. My shrink just put me on it, brings me down to a level i can still function at
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    I've never had problems with klonopin and I've been on it for years too. [More]
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    My son takes klonopin and he has become very thin. He has no appetite. [More]
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    Klonopin may cause weight loss or weight gain. [More]
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    Its not rare at all. I am on klonopin and also BP1. I take it 3xs a day. 2mg. [More]
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    I'm on klonopin,thank god!!! [More]