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(also known as Inversion Table)
Inversion therapy involves hanging upside down or at an inverted angle to use gravity to naturally decompress the joints of the body. In particular, it is often advertised as a relief for back pain. Hanging in this way, as with gravity boots or inversion tables, causes each joint in the body to be loaded in an equal an... more at Wikipedia

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Back Pain
Chronic Pain
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Overall, 100% (28 Members) find Inversion Therapy helpful

Inversion Therapy Reviews

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use for hours every day as hanging upside down also helps my upper body fibro pain my ibs symptoms my piriformis syndrome pain my migraines and my heart. it is good physical activity and exercise daily i do that is not aerobic and does not tax my heart as i was born with Posteural Orthostatic Tachacardia Syndrome. I also have Fibromyalgia CFS and it helps exercise my heart so that I dont have weather storm heart palpitations anymore.
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bought a Teeter unit does help when pain is starting sometimes it will stop pain other times it has no effect. My right leg is longer than my left pain is in my left leg so I have to wiggle around to get it to pull on my legs evenly. I do not do full inversion only about 30 degrees for 23 minutes at a time.
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Using an inversion table works a good bit of the time also. The slant of a table will help take pressure from the disks that are hurting.
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In a pinch (lol), this is the only thing that helps
Working / Worked
I like my Teeter bc it helps stretch muscles around my spine. I use it several times a day and it helps with my Degenerated Disk in between my weekly Chiropractor appts.
Working / Worked
It makes my back and hips feel so much better. It is relaxing, once you get used to it. It helps me to exercise that mid section without stressing my back. I love it.
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Works like a charm if used consistently to stretch out muscles and help realign spine, knees and if you hold your arms over your head will even stretch out shoulders. Does not take the place of full out stretching exercises but made a huge difference in my routine.
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Works some and can be done at home.
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I feel very good.Please try it.It actually hangs me from my feet. Make sure not to use the 90 degree setting. It may put all the pressure on your head and you may not see a result. Few days after using the device I noticed my heels are lower than it should be. I used a 1/4 inch pad in my shoes and I felt much better. Please try both. It is a miracle.
Working / Worked
This is great. It works basically in place of a chiropractor. Once I notice pain I get on it and in two or three days at most its all gone and you only have to stay on the thing a minute.
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