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(also known as Humulin, Novolin)
Insulin (from Latin insula, "island", as it is produced in the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas) is an anabolic polypeptide hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism. Apart from being the primary agent in carbohydrate homeostasis, it has effects on fat metabolism and it changes the liver's activity in storing ... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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Diabetes Type 1
Diabetes Type 2
Cystic Fibrosis
Heart Attack
Overall, 95% (615 Members) find Insulin (Regular and NPH) helpful

Insulin (Regular and NPH) Reviews

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Working / Worked
This worked while I was first diganosed and for several years afterwards, just needed more freedom as my lifestyle changed.
Working / Worked
between 4-6 injections a day, annoying for any 18 year old but getting used to it now! When first started on new insulin, I put on alot of weight, extremely difficult to get rid off especially for a diabetic, but thankfully I am at a healthy weight and feel the benefits of doing the correct dose of insulin.
Working / Worked
I hate this it actually makes me gain weight which exacerbates the disease. I've asked several times to go back to oral meds, but they won't budge!
Working / Worked
I've been using this since I was 15yrs of age.
Working / Worked
I was on this when I was pregnant, but was constantly having to take extra doses to bring my levels down. I was hospitalized several times for my levels going up in the 400's. The day before they took my youngest by c-section, they put me on an insulin drip to try to keep my levels steady, & to keep my daughters levels from dropping significantly. It did not help. My daughter had to have an I.V inserted into her bellybutton, & was rushed by ambulance to a hosp. w/a N.I.C.U
Working / Worked
Only now
Working / Worked
during both pregnancies
Working / Worked
ok, no side effects,
Working / Worked
When I was first diagnosed I took these, they worked
Working / Worked
This is the first long acting insulin i was on, i loved it. would rather be on this one. but for some reason my pharmacist told me it that it was no longer being made. then when i asked my doctor about it she told me that levemir worked much better.
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