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(also known as Asthma Inhaler)
An inhaler is a medical device used for delivering medication into the body via the lungs. It is often used in the treatment of asthma. Medication is most commonly stored in solution in a pressurized canister. The canister is attached to a plastic, hand-operated pump. The standard Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) on activati... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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COPD & Emphysema
Smoking Addiction & Rec...
Environmental Allergies
Overall, 97% (1480 Members) find Inhaler helpful

Inhaler Reviews

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Working / Worked
Take it in an emergency
Working / Worked
Gives me palpitations
Working / Worked
Max Air - always worked when needed. Jitters.
Working / Worked
I inhale both flovent (controller) and ventolin (reliever). Asthma is not under control.
Working / Worked
I still use it.
Working / Worked
helps a bit
Working / Worked
ProAir - works
Working / Worked
So many different ones
Working / Worked
Works great.
Working / Worked
I have always been on a inhaler since I had asthma. It definitely works.
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  1. Discussion: saltair inhaler
    did you check amazon? i put in salt air inhaler and a few choices came up. what doesn't amazon carry? LOL [More]
  2. Discussion: saltair inhaler
    i was reading some of the older posts where ppl were going to buy this inhaler but i cant find any feed back,has anyone used this and did it do anythi... [More]
  3. Advice: maintenance inhaler
    Go to all day chemist -- I use advair & spireva inhalers -- I couldn't afford them elsewhere. Ventolin inhaler is 4.50 ea [More]
  4. Discussion: Salt Inhaler???
    I'm really mad I never got to have an inhaler - I never even had a friend with an inhaler... Hopefully I can get one next week at my allergist appoint... [More]
  5. Discussion: How many pills a day?
    Lets See... abilify X2 Med for side effect of abilify X2 Lamictal X2 Valium 4 1/2 a day (22.5 mg) Vitamin D X3 Fish Oil X2 B-12 Niacin Teraz... [More]