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(also known as Isosorbide Mononitrate)

Nitrates are used to treat the symptoms of angina (chest pain). Depending on the type of dosage form and how it is taken, nitrates are used to treat angina in three ways:

  • To relieve an attack that is occurring by using the medicine when the attack begins;
  • To prevent attacks from occurring by usin... continue

Treatment Success Rate

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Coronary Heart Disease
Heart Attack
Heart Failure
Overall, 91% (78 Members) find Imdur helpful

Imdur Reviews

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Working / Worked
Same as above. her legs, ankles and feet had been very swollen but got back to normal size for past 2 months. After recent confrontational event, she is swollen again.
Working / Worked
Helps with chest pain and heart palputations and irregular heart beat
Somewhat Helpful
Not completely
Somewhat Helpful
It keeps my angina pain baseline level at 3/10 which is just tolerable.
Somewhat Helpful
The headaches were terrible, so I had to stop taking it.
Somewhat Helpful
The headache this caused was pretty unbearable and he continued to have chest discomfort.
Somewhat Helpful
I use it but I don't like it, causes head aches.
Worked kinda for angina pain but made my head hurt
Somewhat Helpful
Gave me MAJOR Migraines- had to stop taking but it did work some
Too Soon To Tell
The 2 stents are questionable. Platlets still seem high and WBC are chronically above 17K. No leukemia evidence but very anemic. They fear a bleed some where.
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