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Adalimumab (Humira�) is the third TNF antagonist (after infliximab and etanercept) to be approved in the US. Like infliximab and etanercept, adalimumab binds to TNFα, preventing it from activating TNF receptors; adalimumab was constructed from a fully human monoclonal antibody, while infliximab is a mouse-human chim... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

Top 5 Communities
Condition Members Success
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Crohn's Disease & Ulcer...
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Overall, 74% (888 Members) find Humira helpful

Humira Reviews

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I have been on this for 1 1 /2 months and haven't had a major flare up since. I do every other week injections and side effects so far a little swelling in ankles and cold-like symptoms. Nothing too bad...I pray it continues to keep the HS flareups away!
Working / Worked
Experienced significant improvement in stiffness. Wondering if the weakness I feel in my knees is a side effect of medicine?
This drug, combined with low dose MTX, gave me my life back.
Working / Worked
Stopped working after 5 months
Working / Worked
Might be working?
Working / Worked
No comment
she says its improving
Humira works very well to keep boils to a minimum.
Im Currently taking and sometimes the injection would sting afterwards
Worked a few months, then stopped and I developed psoriasis
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  1. Discussion: Humira
    I'm supposed to start humira soon and really hope this is going to be good for me. Wish me luck [More]
  2. Discussion: Humira
    I'm hearing that Humira is looking very promising for HS! has anyone heard anything on this? [More]
  3. Discussion: Humira?
    Never had any dizziness from the Humira in the 18 months I have been on it. [More]
  4. Discussion: Humira?
    I had my forth Humira injection today, never had any dizziness. [More]
  5. Discussion: Humira?
    Also the Humira could be reacting if your taking other meds. [More]