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Humex Reviews

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Working / Worked
My story is already posted in the group I am still seeking answers to this day.
Working / Worked
In a codependent relationship and am due to start a new job.
Working / Worked
Im not on any medication
Working / Worked
Working / Worked
I have done nothing to help myself except stay busy at all times. I am tired.
Working / Worked
Working / Worked
I havent used any treatments. My doctor did a biopsy and told me to get retested in a year. Its only been a few months.
Working / Worked
its by choice
Working / Worked
No drugsbooze used.
no doc will believe me. I live in Saskatoon and the specialists here are all jerks. Sent my mri to the US and the guy said I have a mild chiari problem .... like there is anything mild about this pain and its getting worse. My mri was in 2010 yes it took that long for someone to agree I needed one and it shows the tonsils at 0mm but I am still in tons of pain with lots of other symptoms. I bet if I had another mri today it would show that it has progressed.
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