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Herbalife markets weight management, nutritional, and personal care products. Their product line includes meal-replacement shakes, vitmin supplements and herbal supplements that help promote weight loss. more at Wikipedia

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Overall, 64% (357 Members) find Herbalife helpful

Herbalife Reviews

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Dropped from 26% bodyfat to 13% with no increase in physical acivity. My wife lost 43 pounds of fat and added 12 pounds of muscle.
works as long as you work it
I use it to get my right amount of calories. It works in that regard.
Working / Worked
It was too expensive for me
Lost over 70 lbs. with this product!
I lost 30lbs in 4 months.
Working / Worked
good days and bad days
I drink 2 shakes a day and take the vitamins I also eat better and I have lost 40lbs since May 1. Great products.
Never really used it had something similar called "New Life". Worked and had amazing results! Lost 40 pounds in about 4weeks. The only problem was that everyone saw my weight loss except for me. I still felt huge and stopped the diet.
Working / Worked
With less time I get all my nutrients in a single meal.
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  1. Discussion: Herbalife
    Anybody had tried this, they gave me fiber, aloe Vera, and a shake, to clean colon and help the burning in my throat [More]
  2. Discussion: Herbalife
    Maybe I should try that foot pedal bike too. My right leg is huge. Can't really lift it. My top weight was 394, finally got down to 372. I've used die... [More]
  3. Discussion: Herbalife
    the weight didn't start coming off until I got a back and foot massager that I use several times a day in addition to biking and portion control.... i... [More]
  4. Discussion: Herbalife
    Hi, How did you get off so much weight? My weight goes up and down with all this fluid on me. I started using V3 in May. Its a new company that I got... [More]
  5. Discussion: Herbalife
    I did a good job of getting my weight and lymphedema down, but after losing over 100 lbs., I've been stuck at a plateau for two years. A neighbor got ... [More]