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(also known as Preveon)

Adefovir is used to treat adults with chronic infections of active hepatitis B. Adefovir is not a cure for the hepatitis B virus, but it may lower the amount of hepatitis B virus in your body. It may also lower the ability of the virus to multiply in your body.

This medicine is available only with your doctor... continue

Treatment Success Rate

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Overall, 94% (18 Members) find Hepsera helpful

Hepsera Reviews

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Working / Worked
It is keeping the disease at bay, but it isn't going to cure it. If I have side effects they don't seem to be any different than normal occurences
Working / Worked
It worked and the virus disapeared. I had to stop medication. After 6 months the virus came back I'm using now Viread since a few months
Working / Worked
haven't taken for about 1 1/2 yrs and all enzymes are wnl!!!
Working / Worked
Fever, nauseas and tiredness.
Working / Worked
Fever, nauseas and tiredness.
Working / Worked
Been taking Hepsera for about 2 yrs. My HBV/DNA count is down to zero
Working / Worked
after start using hepsera my blood result returned to normal
Working / Worked
Have been taking Hepsera for about 18 months. So far so good.
Working / Worked
Currently taking this med. Seems to keep the viral count steady, however, I still have side effects with having such a high viral count.
Somewhat Helpful
Been taking it soo long I think my body has developed a tolerance to it.
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