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HMR (Health Management Resources) is a medically based weight management program that incorporates dieting and meal replacement. more at Wikipedia

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Working / Worked
This is by far the best program that I tried however it proved to be VERY expensive so I had to stop it.
gained weight back over a couple of years
Working / Worked
In 2005 lost 90...then in 2007 slowly started putting it back on I am a stress emotional eater...and at that time had alot going on in my life...In 2008 got back on track and lost 60 and then again..I let my personal life sabbotage me...up 20 now trying to get back into a routine and get the rest of this weight off
Currently on week 3
Working / Worked
Its a hard diet to stick to. But I think it really shows you the results and you have a lot of accountability. To your fellow classmates, your leader, the nurse and doctor you see weekly.
Working / Worked
I use the HMR shakes always with 13 a frozen banana to make the consistency perfect. I try to get 3 in a day but sometimes I only get in 1 or 2. Really helps me when I feel that Im gonna eat anything thats not nailed down feeling. It fills me up for up to 3 hours. I happen to love the taste. I dont bother with the meals LeanCuisine is cheaper and meets same need.
Working / Worked
Lost 50 pounds, its a fasting program, shakes only for 12 weeks, eventually gained all back
Doing this one day at a time.
Working / Worked
Awsome, lost 53 lbs. Very hard to stick with it, was all liquids!! No solids!!
Working / Worked
It was very hard diet only liquids. Lost 53lbs. But I'm still keeping it off!
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