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(also known as Bereavement Counseling)
Bereavement, while a normal part of life for us all, carries high risk factors when no support is available. Severe reactions to loss may carry over into familial relations and cause trauma for children and spouses: there is an increased risk of marital breakup following the death of a child, for example. Many forms of... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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Widows & Widowers
Sudden Infant Death Syn...
Bereavement - Teens
Overall, 85% (4039 Members) find Grief Counseling helpful

Grief Counseling Reviews

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Working / Worked
Working with a local counselor who is great.
Working / Worked
Just began grief counseling at a local church, so haven't been to enough meetings yet to get a handle
I lost my seven week old daughter in 2007. I had five years of counseling. It was tremendously helpful.
Working / Worked
I go to Grief share classes at my church. Very helpful....
Working / Worked
I am involved with a life coach.
Working / Worked
I enjoy going to counseling.
Working / Worked
Comfort but didn't help with progress in healing...
Working / Worked
Working / Worked
excellent therapist thru cancer center where my husband was treated. She saw me weekly while he was sick and after right up to the week I moved
Working / Worked
Grief counselling was meaningless - I am trying counseling, but find it tough going as therapist feels I need an antidepressant to progress. I have tried several, but the side effects such as nausea and agitation made me give them up.
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