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(also known as Bereavement Counseling)
Bereavement, while a normal part of life for us all, carries high risk factors when no support is available. Severe reactions to loss may carry over into familial relations and cause trauma for children and spouses: there is an increased risk of marital breakup following the death of a child, for example. Many forms of... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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Widows & Widowers
Sudden Infant Death Syn...
Bereavement - Teens
Overall, 85% (3936 Members) find Grief Counseling helpful

Grief Counseling Reviews

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Working / Worked
Joined two support groups.
Working / Worked
I am due to attend a class in 2 weeks. I am a widow of 4 weeks at age 60.
Talking to someone who has listened to others that have lost a loved one or loved ones, really is healing to my soul, if even for "the moment".
Working / Worked
Attended a weekend grief retreat. I was disappointed with the retreat, but I guess certain aspects helped.
Working / Worked
Currently seeing a psychologist since my husband passed away and it helps. Have been taking medication for bipolar disorder also - since late 2012.
Working / Worked
Yes it helped me really well.
Working / Worked
I hate going because it is very difficult but it is very positive and helpful.
Working / Worked
It definitely helped to be with people who had gone through similar situations to mine.
Working / Worked
It helped a lot at the time. But needs and emotions change.
Working / Worked
It is working slowly and helping alot
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