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(also known as Teriparatide)

Teriparatide is a synthetic form of the natural human parathyroid hormone and is used by injection to treat osteoporosis. Teriparatide forms new bone, increases bone mineral density and bone strength, and as a result reduces the chance of getting a fracture (broken bone). Teriparatide can be used by men or postmenop... continue

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Working / Worked
Just started
Working / Worked
I think it helped. I'm young - only 49 and peremenopausal, so felt uncomfortable and didn't finish
Working / Worked
too expensive
Working / Worked
I've been using it for 2 months now. I hope it's working.
Working / Worked
Just finished 2 year treatment
Working / Worked
Don't know yet
Working / Worked
After 5 years of Fosamax and now a broken hip I have just completed my first month of Forteo with no side effects so far.
Working / Worked
advised by my doc. to begin Forteo...ater researching thoroughy have determined that I will use natural means to help with my osteoporosis.
Working / Worked
I started Forteo in the fall of 2006. It was so brutal that i coulding take it every day. well, with a doc review 3 months ago I had to confess that I wasn't taking the shot everyday. However the past three months, I have not missed a day. I just had a bone density test, and my numbers have come up. My score has been minus 3.75 for 3 years. A few effects..pain. bone pain. I can barely rub up against something and the pain is terrible. I guess that is due to the bones, nerves and everything else working? anyways, now it seems I have neuromylasia? like the muscle spasms but in the nerves. alrighty. whats one more thing on the list of the body that is giving out on me and I am only 55. would love to talk to those who are on the forteo and offer support. once I stayed on it and started taking it everyday, then the side effects and feeling like the flu 24/7, well it seems to have helped the symptons. Yes, forteo is a differemt drug then the bone meds, fosamx, etc and is a parathyroid mix..natural I believe. tired right now, sorry for being a bit spacey. For those who have osteo please be careful and do what you have to do to get help. No one had a clue I would end up with three fractures of my pelvis when I slipped on the deck and went down. My doc was concerned about back fractures and such, but everyone flipped out when I fractured the pelvis..usually the pelvis withstands most attacks and breaks due to car accidents and those types of things, not just simply slipping. That changed my world forever. not complaining, it could be a whole lot worse but some days it is difficult... hugs to all who are carrying on the battle.. cathy
Working / Worked
I've been on this med for 2 months now. Some mornings my hips hurt so bad. They call it growing pains, because you are literally growing bone! Yahooooo!
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  1. Discussion: Forteo Side Affects
    How frustrating for you JayCee to have gone through 2 years of Forteo shots to end up with a negative result. I'm on my 13th month of treatment with ... [More]
  2. Discussion: Forteo Side Affects
    Thanks!! Just hoping I don't lose too much and it helps. I did the research on Forteo so we'll see - and I can't afford to have another fracture. [More]
  3. Discussion: Forteo Side Affects
    I was diagnosed with osteoporosis back in early 2008. After my bone density test, my doctor called informing me I had the bones of an 80 year old wom... [More]
  4. Discussion: Forteo Side Affects
    Hi dfodor, I have beeen on Forteo for 13 months. For the first month or so I had some of the dizziness, nausea, muscle cramps, etc. but I started g... [More]
  5. Discussion: Forteo Side Affects
    I've been on Forteo for about a 3 weeks now and besides the most common side affects ... dizzy spells, nausea, muscle cramps in my legs ... my hair se... [More]