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(also known as Hope)
Faith is belief, trust or confidence often based on a transpersonal relationship with God, a higher power, elements of nature and/or a perception of the human race as a whole. Faith can be placed in a person, inanimate object, state of affairs, proposition or body of propositions such as a religious credo. In each case... more at Wikipedia

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I believe that the only way our relationship has survived until now is through faith faith in Jesus not ourselves.
Working / Worked
I am married and currently have a strong relationship with my husband. Both me and my husband are Christians and enjoy our sexual relationship
Working / Worked
I always keep faith and expect the best. I have mastered a good deal of time management skills and I see improvement in my life. This is why I think I can help others.
Working / Worked
I turned to my faith and have not selfinjured since 23 February 2010
Working / Worked
I keep my faith that with Gods help and my family I can over come any major mood swings.
Working / Worked
Heart of my own heart, whatever befall--still be my vision, O Ruler of All.
Working / Worked
works but I would just like to talk to someone
By constantly growing in my faith in Jesus Christ I find myself getting stronger. He has helped me in the past diminish the intrusive thoughts down to almost none. God is very real and a very real help.
Working / Worked
My faith always works...I just have to learn to understand...all things are His will and not mine..
Working / Worked
Hope and faith in God
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