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The facet joint is a synovial joint between the superior articular process of one (lower) vertebra and the inferior articular process of the adjacent (higher) vertebra. Medication can be injected into the facet joint to help block pain or as a diagnostic tool to determine the cause of back pain. more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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Chronic Pain
Back Pain
Degenerative Disc Disease
Overall, 57% (21 Members) find Facet Joint Injection helpful

Facet Joint Injection Reviews

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Working / Worked
Worked for a very short time and was right back to same pain level.
Working / Worked
Had it done a month ago...has lessened the pain but it is still there.
Working / Worked
It really helped reduce the inflammation in my back where the incision from the SCS was hurting very bad.
Working / Worked
first injection worked for 6 months. Next lasted 1 week and this last one has lasted 9 months already!!!
Working / Worked
Horrible experience. 18 injections in my lower spine hitting the nerves between the joints. So tramatic that I had to go home and sleep! It did nothing to relieve my pain.
Somewhat Helpful
Received these about every 3 months for 212 years...some helped most didnt...i was happy if I got 3 or 4 weeks relief
Somewhat Helpful
The first few seemed helpful but it lost its touch.
Somewhat Helpful
worked somewhat for about a month; also were very painful
Not Working
First round worked for a time. Second round did not. It has been so long, I'm willing to try again.
Not Working
did this 2 times and it only worsened my condition.
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