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(also known as Climara, Vivelle, Vivelle-Dot)
The estrogen patch is a delivery system for estradiol used as hormone replacement therapy to treat the symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness, and to prevent osteoporosis. Originally marketed as Vivelle? (Novartis), it was discontinued in 2003 and reintroduced in a smaller form as Vivelle-Dot?. ... more at Wikipedia

Treatment Success Rate

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Infertility, Secondary
Turner Syndrome
Overall, 77% (367 Members) find Estrogen Patch helpful

Estrogen Patch Reviews

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Working / Worked
I was on Vivelle and Vivelle-Dot leading up to our first IVF cycle. The patches seemed to work because I was told my uterine lining looked perfect.
Working / Worked
Vivelle - takes away the migraines, makes me less anxious
Working / Worked
The patch did increase my estrogen to help thicken my lining. My lining was thin do to taking Clomid.
Working / Worked
I've used patches, pills orally, and pills vaginally. It always worked.
Working / Worked
Had to stop--elevated BP.
Working / Worked
Seems to be working.
Working / Worked
Works okay
Working / Worked
I recently started using this to help with my symptoms. I'm not sure I see a differnece. I still have terrible hotflashes.
Working / Worked
VivelleDot has been a lifesaver for me.
Working / Worked
I loved the Vivelle-dot. Doctor recently cut dosage in half since I am getting older. Now suffering with hot flashes and night sweats.
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