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Domperidone is a medicine that increases the movements or contractions of the stomach and bowel. Domperidone is also used to treat nausea and vomiting caused by other drugs used to treat Parkinson's Disease.

Domperidone is to be given only by or under the immediate supervision of your doctor.


Treatment Success Rate

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GERD & Heartburn
Irritable Bowel Syndrom...
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Hiatal Hernia
Overall, 75% (57 Members) find Domperidone helpful

Domperidone Reviews

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Working / Worked
Helps my gastroparesis
Working / Worked
Didn't work for me.
Didnt help.
Working / Worked
Doing good
Working / Worked
It was very helpful while I was taking it which was for one month. My appetite gradually improved and feeling of fullness in stomach was gone.
Working / Worked
It did nothing to help but I got breastmilk really bad. I still get a bit of breastmilk.
Working / Worked
does the trick
Working / Worked
Aside from settling my stomach, it does seem to help produce milk.
Working / Worked
Working / Worked
Domperidone is the only med that works for me. i dont have acid just mainly nausea.
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  1. Discussion: Is "never feeling hungry a disorder"?
    I take domperidone also. It helps a lot. It seems to help empty out my stomach faster and takes away that over-full feeling during the re-feeding proc... [More]
  2. Discussion: GERD? burning in legs,arms,head.
    I have GERD and IBS. Just going through a serious flareup. Dr is running loads of test. Blood test were normal. I go for an Ultrasound this Friday. ... [More]
  3. Discussion: gastric dysmotility and fibro
    I take Zofran and Phenergan for nausea. Prevacid for GERD, Domperidone to increase motility in the stomach. If I vomit enough that I cant keep fluids... [More]
  4. Discussion: Had a "normal" day...what a tease!
    Hi seeing light what type of ginger tablets do you take. Iam taking domperidone for the nausea which arent really helping. Thought about going down th... [More]
  5. Discussion: Anyone tried domperidone?
    My dietician has recommended that I try domperidone because I do not get hunger cues and cannot eat much at any one time. I could go 8, 10 hours and m... [More]