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(also known as Stay Away, Avoid, Self-exclusion)
Distancing is the appropriate selection of distance between oneself and a combatant throughout an encounter. As a treatment, it involves staying away or avoiding those objects which may cause harm. more at Wikipedia

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Overall, 68% (782 Members) find Distancing helpful

Distancing Reviews

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In my area there is a casino on my way to and from work. I am taking an alternate route, but it is so easy to pull in there. I have 3 days clean....
Works some of the time. For a limited duration. (That was joke, get it?)
i can't help myself anymore and i need help and guidance
Have been gamblig more frequently and increasing my bets at the casino the past couple of years. It is starting to affect my finances. We make a good income, however, am living pay to pay day and chasing credit cards. Have tried to stay away from the Casino and made it a week only to go back and blow a couple hudred dollars. Used to be able to go and spend only 20 or 40. Now go and spend anywhere from 200 to 300. Never leave when ahead. From what I read this never gets any better.
Self exclusion didn't work. It's time to make a bigger commitment.
Avoiding and staying away is working, but I will be facing some challenges this summer when I travel to Aruba. I am confident that I can rise above those challenges if I stay focused on my recovery, and I have a plan before I go. It will be crucial that I stick to that plan.
I have been gambling for years. It has not been a pleasant experience. The longest I quit for before is 4 months 4 days and another quit for 6 months. Normally I only abstain for a few days, maybe up to 2 or 3 weeks. Support from other recovering gamblers makes working my recovery better, stronger.
If you can't be there you can't do it. No online gambling available where I live luckily but one too many casinos.
Working well, so far. The support really helps.
i couldn't pass the darn place or avoid passing it until i hit rock bottom, now i hardly drive by it and when i do, i don't think of it usually and when i do, i feel good for driving by.
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    Proud of your courage. I am in a similar place but can't take that step. Hugs to you. Don't give up on your self. [More]
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