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(also known as DDAVP)

Desmopressin is a hormone taken through the nose, by mouth, or given by injection to prevent or control the frequent urination, increased thirst, and loss of water associated with diabetes insipidus (water diabetes). It is used also to control bed-wetting and frequent urination and increased thirst associated with c... continue

Treatment Success Rate

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Urinary Incontinence
Overall, 62% (107 Members) find Desmopressin helpful

Desmopressin Reviews

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Working / Worked
It's a baindaid solution but it definitely helps
Working / Worked
It worked but gave me migraines so I only use when dryness absolutely necessary.
Working / Worked
Works well but gives me a fearful headache and makes bladder worse the following morning
Working / Worked
its about 70% effective which compared to 0% without is a huge improvement, i guess.
Working / Worked
did not work so well for me made me sick
Working / Worked
After the second surgery i had to go onto DDAVP because of very frequent urge to urinate. It worked like a charm.
Working / Worked
It works. Only thing is sleep is not very deep and leaves you dehydrated.
Working / Worked
not that effective, expensive.
Working / Worked
Lifesaving med!
Working / Worked
It works after he take 6 pills....I can't afford that though and don't want to keep medicating him.
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