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(also known as Neoral, Sandimmune)

Cyclosporine belongs to the group of medicines known as immunosuppressive agents. It is used to reduce the body's natural immunity in patients who receive organ (for example, kidney, liver, and heart) transplants.

When a patient receives an organ transplant, the body's white blood cells will try to get rid of ... continue

Treatment Success Rate

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Organ Transplants
Myasthenia Gravis
Bone Marrow Transplant
Overall, 74% (249 Members) find Cyclosporine helpful

Cyclosporine Reviews

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Working / Worked
it seems to start to go away but hangs on,i looked allmost gone but never gone.i got sick of running to dermatoligest all the time for couple yrs.
Working / Worked
This and Mestinon seemed to work well from 2010 until late 2012. After late 2012 I have had continual ptosis and diplopia. I have early stage cataracts that my Dr. says were probably caused by the Cyclo.
Working / Worked
I'm taking works just have to make sure you eat enough so you won't have stomach pains
Working / Worked
Its worked for me twice. Four years clean in between outbreaks. My blood work this time around is not looking good so I may have to quit taking it. I pray I dont have to stop it is the only thing that works. Im on 150 mg morning and night. Side effects are problems sleeping and hair growth weird I know. I have longer blonde hairs on my arms than usual.
Working / Worked
Works well and with no side effects.
Working / Worked
worked but taken off non hodgkins lymp
Working / Worked
Helps with breathing at night. Able to use less Mestinon.
Working / Worked
also helps
Working / Worked
Effected my kidneys
Working / Worked
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    Cyclosporine (Brand names: Neoral, Sandimmune) is listed as an immunosuppressive drug that tends to work faster than Azathioprine and 6-Mercaptopurine... [More]
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    I have been on cyclosporine for 2 weeks. Started with awful twisting muscle spasms. Did blood work today. Don't know if cyclosporine is culprit un... [More]
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    thanks Cindy wow, I just thought it was harmless like tea. to tell you the truth i HATED swallowing the echinacea caplet. now I am concerned ab... [More]