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(also known as Warticon, Podofilox)

Podofilox is used to remove certain types of warts on the outside skin of the genital areas (penis or vulva). The gel is used also to treat warts between the genitals and the rectum, the solution is not. Neither the gel nor the solution is used to treat warts that occur inside the rectum, vagina, or urine passageway... continue

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Sexually Transmitted Di...
Overall, 83% (115 Members) find Condylox helpful

Condylox Reviews

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Working / Worked
When i was diagnosed I was prescribed condylox which really worked only had one minor breakout since then.Currently clear
Working / Worked
I am guessing this is what my treatment was, it was like an acid burn and it has worked well, so far.
Working / Worked
I am on my second round of it. The first time, the warts went away really quickly. Now, about a week later, they are back again. It is really disheartening.
Working / Worked
This treatment has been so effective. I've only been using it for 2 days, and there is a huge visible difference in my warts. They are mostly gone, just a few small ones left. The medication does burn, but it is nothing you can't handle. I'm so impressed with the results of this medication, I would recommend it to anyone suffering from genital warts.
Outbreak has gone down.
Working / Worked
Working / Worked
I havent started yet
Working / Worked
It worked! I was so happy to have the warts clear up. Only concern is that you do not want to allow this to get on your skin, its very difficult to void your normal skin tho, but you have to try hard. I am dealing with sensitive skin now where I once had the warts - praticularly around the entrance of my vagina. I used/use neosporin to help aid with healing.
Working / Worked
Warticon liquid does work. It is an acid so you will probably get some stinging towards the end of treatment. I used it for 4 weeks (3 days p/w, twice per day) and am going to do another 2-4 weeks treatment to try and make sure they dont come back. HPV is a virus, so people's bodies react differently to treatment. Some people will never have any signs of warts others will get small ones other will get big ones. Stop smoking if you get them as that effects the treatment.
Working / Worked
Only been using the cream for a couple of weeks. So far all of the warts have gone away.
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